Blonde and Stone's story is ours, Lucy and Peter Noyce. The birth of the brand is inextricably tied to our own relationship. Ever since we met, we had the dream to develop a project together, but it wasn't until we defied our fear of change and relocated our young family to the depths of the Kent countryside that we started to realise this dream.  Blonde and Stone was the organic result of our new adventure. 

Relocating with three tiny children to be closer to London, taking on a restoration project that sometimes felt bigger than us, left me feeling isolated and lonely.  Peter encouraged me to start up a small online business, so with the long summer evenings of 2017, the children would sneak through the hedgerow at the bottom of the garden to play in the fields of barley.  As I watched from a distance, gin and tonic in one hand and a large dose of optimism in the other, Blonde and Stone was born.  

 Blonde and Stone's line is made in our London workshop but every piece is designed, assembled and lovingly packaged from our home studio in Kent.

Our mission is to create unique, well-designed homeware and accessories in natural stone that are timeless in both design and craft – beautifully basic and British made.  We take care of every single detail and continue our road to producing beautiful British made designs we are proud of.

We sincerely hope that thanks to you our project will grow and evolve positively.  So, staying true to our humble beginnings, we look forward to jumping head first into this new adventure together.