How do I clean and care for my marble?
Marble is soft, porous, and quite sensitive to the acids found in wine, citrus fruits, and everyday cleaning products. Spilling coffee on your marble can cause staining, but using an acidic cleaner can do damage all by itself.  
Thoroughly rinse and pat dry the surface with clean water after hand washing.  
Blot up spills immediately. 
Any liquid left for a prolonged period of time may leave a mark.  


Can Marble break?
Yes! Marble is fragile, treat it with care because it can chip and break.


My marble doesn't look identical to that pictures on your store?
Marble is a natural material, therefore no two pieces of marble are ever identical.  Veining pattern, gradient and colour will always slightly differ this is all part of the stone's natural beauty.  


How do I fit the clock hands to the clock face?
Firstly, remove the polythene protective coating.  
Holding the back of the movement case hold the centre of the hour hand firmly and turn and wriggle it whilst gradually pushing it on to the movement spindle.  Whilst making sure it is pointing to the 12.  Repeat the process with the minute hand.
 Use the winder on the back of the movement to make sure the hands complete a full 12 hour cycle without touching together.  If they do, just bend them slightly to move them apart.  Finally, push the second hand onto the spindle.
Insert a new AA battery. Your clock will start.   


Are you marble collections made in England? 
Absolutely!  All our collections are made in the UK exclusively by us!  
We are passionate about supporting British made. 


Can I return my product?
We always aim for make sure our customers love our products.  
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.
If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at
My order arrived damaged?
Unfortunately, while we put extra care into our packaging that can happen.  
If that is the case, please contact us directly through our contact form.
We will be happy to send you another product.