Marble Ice


Looking for the perfectly balanced spirit?  Marble Ice are cubes of solid marble that will chill your spirit without diluting it. So, adding Marble Ice to your favourite bourbon will chill the spirit without affecting the taste.

9 marble cubes are nestled handsomely inside a handy cotton carry bag.  A perfect gift for the refined connoisseur of spirits.  

Instructions for use:

Before use freeze for up to 4 hours.  Add 3/4 cubes to your glass and pour your drink over them. Since Marble Ice is only slightly heavier than normal ice the only thing you will notice in your glass is a perfectly balance spirit. 

N.B. Marble Ice is not designed to be a replacement for ice in a mixed drink (such as Jack + Coke), they are best used by those wanting to chill their drink into the 40/60 range, which is considered to be the temperature at which to drink whiskey.

Care Instructions : Hand wash only.   
Dimensions : 2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm per cube. 
Included : 9 marble cubes and cotton carry bag
Material : 100% genuine marble.   
Origin : Made in England 


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